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Midi control to& from Avolites Pearl Tiger lighting desk.

David Organ

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Has anyone linked Watchout using Midi in or out on an Avolites Pearl Tiger Desk?


I tried to create test DMX out show using the 1 Universe ethernet box but the signal appeared unclean and stuttery to the 100 odd LED fittings and fades were very stuttery. I'm not sure whether that was because we were trying to be too precise with fades and colouring so we gave up on DMX out from Watchout.


On looking at the Avolites Pearl tiger desk I can see a Midi in and out and as I am unable to use the unit to test wondered if another Watchout user had successfully linked the desk up using either midi in or out?


Thanks in advance,



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Hello David,


I have successfully sent MIDI out to a Pearl 2000 (that would be MIDI IN to the Pearl 2000, i.e. setup Pearl as a MIDI Slave via its System > User Settings if I recall right). MIDI Notes were not sent from Watchout though, but from VenueMagic, a show control program which at the same time sent a run command to Watchout such that pre-programmed light sequences were triggered in sync with the Watchout segments. However, I have no doubt it would have also worked sending the Notes ON direct from Watchout.


I was only able to get one set of 15 pre-programmed faders to work. Could not trigger a program change to occur from MIDI in order to get more sets of sequences.

Another thing was that only MIDI Notes C (Octave 1) through to D (Octave 2) - 15 Notes in all - worked. Did not have time to check out other Octaves. I have a one page pdf file of the Pearl 2000 faders and the MIDI Note that would work with it. If you want it send me an email : thomas DOT leong1 AT gmail DOT com (no spaces).


Thomas Leong

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[My reply last night must be lost!]


Yes, I've had limited success sending MIDI IN to a Pearl 2000, not Tiger. You first have to set the Pearl as a MIDI Slave, per their manual. (If you want MIDI OUT of the Pearl, it has to be set as MIDI Master - I never tried that).


"Limited success" in the sense that I only could trigger 15 of the pre-programmed faders/sequences. Could not get a Program Change to trigger anoter set of 15 sequences.

Also, I found that only certain MIDI Notes worked, not others. I have a pdf file of the Notes that worked related to the Pearl faders. If you want the pdf, drop me a note.


Thomas Leong

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Hi David

Could you please describe the setup you have?

what are you trying to control with Watchout and what do you want to control with Pearl Tiger?


As an answer to your question, Pearl Tiger can Receive (IN) and Transmit (OUT) Midi Notes.

To be honest i haven't used Midi out - there was no need for that - but i know how to do it.

In user settings set item 14 in MIDI-MASTER mode.

then if you go to SYSTEM Mode -->System-->TESTS-->View Midi Codes - that will open list of All transmitting/receiving Midi Notes.

now change to RUN Mode and you will see that every playback fader [you can send MIDI notes only from Playback faders] you raise will send a MIDI Note out. you can even change roller pages - and signal will be different ;)

hope i answered your question.

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