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experiences with 2048x1080p/50 ?


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Hello fellow Watchout users,


for an upcoming show I'm required to run a number of display computers with 2 outputs

each on 2048x1080p/50

All outputs are on hardedge so it will be Watchout v5.5 with the S400 sync cards (+some FirePro cards) in each display computer.


They will be connected to a lightware DVI matrix that would output a preferred EDID with this timing

(EDID 46 / 2048x1080p/50 1 or 2, see also: EDID Manager rear )



I had issues in the past with lightware EDIDs and WUXGA (1920x1200p/50) where the display computer would recognize the resolution just fine but in the very moment I go to full screen in WO the resolution changes to something else.

I am aware of the preferred timing issue with EDIDs and as far as I know, the lightware timings are exclusive (so no other resolutions for the graphics card to chose from).


I did tests with 1920x1080p/50, WO v5.5, S400, FirePro cards and they were running great.

Also I have been working with 1920x1080p/50 setups since years and it works.



So right now I'm specifically looking for people who have done 2048 pixels wide per output, maybe even with an S400.

Anybody? Does it work? ;) Any hiccups or tips?




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