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  1. I have seen a press release for the ISE 2017 stating the WatchOut will support the NDI protocol. Will this be for inputs only or will outputs be available via NDI? I have some new LEDs that are mapped via Entec LED Mapper, the rest of our displays run directly via WatchOut. We would like to use an output of WatchOut as the source video over NDI to the mapper. Otherwise we would have to capture the DVI output of WatchOut adding an extra failure point. Thanks,
  2. hosko

    Could you add video count down function on WO ?

    What about if you want to count down to 9pm but you don't know when you will be starting the cue with the clock. Some shows the clock might be up at 8:10pm others 8:50pm and some shows might count down to 9:30pm for instance.
  3. hosko

    Could you add video count down function on WO ?

    Is there anyway in WatchOut to have a text based clock count down to a specific time. At the moment we are having to render a video file and try to work out how long to set it in so the time is accurate. Would be a lot easier if watchout could do it natively. Thanks.
  4. How do I create a standby layer
  5. We are controlling Watchout from a Sony switcher via a Medialon Showmaster. The showmaster connects to the Watchout computer (you can select display or production) via IP. You connect GPI's from the vision mixer to the Showmaster. Showmaster is GUI based object based scripting environment. So when we trigger the first GPI it cues the timeline to F1 and plays it. We also have GPI's that cues and plays A1 (this is for our Aux timeline 1). The Showmaster can also communicate with Grass Valley Turbo and K2 DDR's. We built a simple webpage that you click on the name of the show and watch and the DDR's all load. Very nice when a facilities person wants to a do a tour.