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Issue with timecode sync

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So , here is my issue...  In status timecode and main timeline position are the same(+- one frame but that,I don't care)


But real main position timeline is 14seconds off of those two...


setting of timecode is not in auto detect... it is ndf.   the further I get into the timeline, the more off it is...


running version 5.5.1


timecode tester is reading it perfect


anyone has an idea on how to fix this?




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You can switch the status displays to match DF or NDF SMPTE, but the timeline readout is always in real time (with mS resolution), so it may differ if you're using certain SMPTE formats. Straight B&W 30fps timecode should always match to the second though (although its resolution is 30fps frame rather than mS, of course).



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