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Network Device Interface (NDI) Outputs

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I have seen a press release for the ISE 2017 stating the WatchOut will support the NDI protocol. Will this be for inputs only or will outputs be available via NDI?


I have some new LEDs that are mapped via Entec LED Mapper, the rest of our displays run directly via WatchOut. We would like to use an output of WatchOut as the source video over NDI to the mapper. Otherwise we would have to capture the DVI output of WatchOut adding an extra failure point.



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Has anyone tried using the NDI Scan Converter software running on a display machine to act as the NDI output, then feed that back into Watchout to be used elsewhere? In my case I need to add media to a timeline during show, so I need a separate system to do this. But that content needs to be live composited on top of existing content in my main timeline. And it all needs to be triggered simultaneously. Seems like using NDI out on one display machine and NDI in on the main system would work nicely, then IP commands to make everything fire simultaneously.

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