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simultaneous playing in wo 6 big issue, help needed in emergency !!!

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hi all

big big big troubles !!!!!

i have 4x4K output in watchout ( win 1O x64 LTSB) NVIDIA P6000 watchout 6.2.1
when i want to play a hap file or a mpeg2 file(size :3840x1472)on one output every thing is fine

when i want to play 4 times the same file starting exactly at the same time,
on each output, watchout display goes black and nothing,
the same for 3 times the same file.
if i only play two same files at the same time
it works.

any idea of what's happening ?


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Hi Mister K,

There is a know bug in the nVidia drivers, are you up to date? See release note :

In Windows 10, Nvidia graphics cards could produce flickering image in a multi-display setup. This issue is resolved in Nvidia Quadro drivers 385.77 and Nvidia Geforce drivers 388.00, or later.



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