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  1. Hi, Never tested this specific setup but did you try to change the pixel format to BRGA in the media details? Regards, Benoit
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a skilled Watchout technician in Canada to do maintenance tasks on existing Watchout servers. If anyone is interrested, please contact me. Regards, Benoit
  3. Hi UnitCone, I will not discuss what is the best solution as there are lot of factors to consider but I see at least 3 other options: - Use video proxy with a file in a windows shared folder and file transfer set to “manual”. It need to activate file sharing on the players but if the files are not that big it’s very efficient. It’s better than a shared folder on the player as it can be played also on the producer and if you have multiple servers it should works fine. - Use a live input with a SD card player plugged as HDMI input. The main advantage is it’s comp
  4. Hi, The only way to use 3D projector is if you know the accurate positioning of each windows together. So you can create a single 3D object (or multiple 3D objects placed accurately in the stage). As you said, using corner tween will probably be lot easier. You can use a VirtualDisplay for each window, so you can apply the corner tween on the VirtualDisplays media so when you place your clips in the VirtualDisplays they use the correct corner tween. Rgds, Benoit
  5. Hi Matthew, Where do you see that Datapath card support composite PAL? To what I see, it can support 480i and 756i resolution but I think it's on an SDI format, so numeric. Composite PAL is analog so you need a composite to SDI converter. I'm sory but I'm not very good in old standard so maybe I'm wrong, anyway I think I have a converter I can borrow you if it can help... Cheers, Benoit
  6. Hi Marklian, It works for us, where are you based? Can you give us more info about software versions, what hardware from BlackTrax you use and specially your network config because you have many network interfaces in the BlackTrax server... Cheers, Benoit
  7. Hi, Windows is probably configure to not set the IP address if network cable is not present. Try to remove the autostart, remove the network cable and start watchpoint. What IP address is shown ? Rgds, Benoit
  8. Hi Jose, Do you have a more specific info on the version? The way audio is managed through Watchout differ a lot before 6.3 and after... And also, Can you tell me what appear in the audio device menu of Watchpoint from the display computer? Rgds, Benoit
  9. Hi Jose, Which version of Watchout are you using? How the audio card of the HDMI appears in Windows? Regards, Benoit
  10. Hi Keith, When you said HAP does not look good, I'm curious, could you tell me which encoder do you use? On a Mac or on a PC? I agree, HAP is not very color accurate, but to me, if correctly encoded it does the job most of the time. Thanks for your reply. Best regards, BenoiT
  11. Hi, Can you control your projectors using DMX? If so, you can output ArtNet from your two producers and use an ArtNet to DMX converter that handle backup like the nodes from luminex... Good luck, Benoit
  12. Benoit

    Bug 6.5

    Dear Julien, Can you share with me your files so we can try it on our side and tells you if we find something? Best, Benoit
  13. Dear Molnarfzoltan, I don't know for all your errors but when I see the "Runtime error; Unrecognized command: }" it often comes from the network, I guess because some packets where drops. Maybe you can try without the wireless and see if you have less issue? Best, Benoit
  14. With a camera that have audio input and stream to RTSP...
  15. In fact I have already used audio input with RTSP. But maybe that's not officially supported? Best, Benoit
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