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  1. With a camera that have audio input and stream to RTSP...
  2. In fact I have already used audio input with RTSP. But maybe that's not officially supported? Best, Benoit
  3. Hi Add, Thanks for the screenshots. My recommendation is to emulate the same EDID (NOVA HD CARD in your case) on all outputs. When Watchout start, it init a display for each active output. And when you have an output with a different scan rate, even if it’s not used in your project, I’ve already have glitch issue because Watchout try to sync the different outputs… Then, you should have the green mark on all outputs, meaning that every output is referenced on the same signal. Best, Benoit
  4. Hi Add, Sorry but if you don't have any difference with and without S400 my guess is the S400 is not correctly configured. Can you post here some screenshots of the AMD menus? Benoit
  5. Hi Add, Maybe the non standard resolution is the problem. Could you also try 1920x1080@50? Best, Benoit
  6. Hi Add, I let Morgan check with you. Tell me if you don't manage to fix it but Morgan is probably stronger than me. I personally prefer GenLock over frame lock for redundancy reason but it's supposed to work for both. Best, Benoit
  7. Hi Add, And you don't see any delay between different processor from the same server? How did you setup the s400? Can you copy the config screens? Benoit
  8. Hi Add, Yes, this is due to scanning and the only way I know to avoid this is to use an external sync generator (blackmagic have a cheap one), generate a 50Hz genlock and input it both in your S400 and in your LED controllers. Be careful, some LED controlers only support black burst and not tri level. S400 cards support both. Good luck, Benoit
  9. Hello, Medialon Manager implement this command for a while now so maybe you can ask a Medialon programmer to help you on this? Best, Benoit
  10. Hello, There is lot of way of achieving it! Maybe you could be more specific on what you want to do? If you talk about tracking, you can use BlackTrax to get the XYZ position of someone and move and trigger media depending on his position. You can also use 2D laser to react on a more simple (2D) detection. But also, you can consider using an external show control system (like Medialon Manager) to interact with many kind of sensors or protocol… My personal experience with Kinect is that the result and the user experience is always disappointing. It don’t works well with many users in the field of the camera, you need to be at a specific position to be correctly detected, the USB is not reliable when long cables are needed… But it’s cheap, probably cheaper than the solutions above and you can still find lot of camera on ebay. Good luck for your research, Benoit
  11. Hello, Watchout is not able to detect all types of timecode and sometime it guess wrong. Specially between the different SMPTE variant. I think it's SMPTE-30 that is not technically possible to differentiate from SMPTE-NDF, anyway, putting the right type of timecode always help. Is it the Medialon that generate the audio timecode? Because, if yes, you can also use a Medialon timeline with positrack and it will work the same using only IP. Best, Benoit
  12. Hello Ryan, This issue is often when you mix output frequencies (which should be the same). My guess is your 1920x1200 is at 59.94 while your 3840x2160 is 60. An easy try is to switch to 1920x1080 which is normally 60 also and it should play fine... Best, Benoit
  13. Hello Alexey, Please remove Apple Software Update and tell me if you still have the issue. Regarding the many instance, you should have one Watchout instance and one Watchpoint instance for each output so it seems your server has 4 displays... Regards, Benoit
  14. Hello Alexey, We've already seen that. Can you post a list of the app shown in the add/remove program menu? Regards, Benoit
  15. Hello Michael, We already did some interactive projection with a radartouch like system. You can have a look at some projects on our YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh0WmL9CGag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRkYMUi_8MI Our system is based on the same kind of hardware than radartouch. It works great to start and stop tasks, it works well to move objects (but there is no inertia), it doesn’t work with pinch and zoom because the sensor is not enough accurate… The system integrate with Watchout so you don’t need programing skills. Send me a message if you want more information. Best, Benoit
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