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  1. Interesting comment from Fredrik. The discussion is about ProRes. A high quality compressed all I frame codec. There are many data rate versions of ProRes but they are all compressed. ProRes has become a worldwide capture, editing and often times playback codec with a 29.97 1920x1080 100Mbps version in ProRes LT. Any Windows or Mac computer of the last 5 years with an updated QuickTime install will play this without any issues. I would never use a truly "uncompressed" codec for playback. Steve
  2. "NOTE: Although WATCHPAX doesn't support QuickTime video formats in general, it does support playback of QuickTime Animation as well as H.264 video in MOV files" Does this above statement mean the Watchpax will play a QuickTime .mov with the Animation codec? Just want to clarify. And since H.264 can be encoded with an unlimited amount of variables will it be better to use an all I frame encoded file or some I,P,B GOP for Watchpax. A all I frame (No Frame Reordering) encode will create a bigger file but is decoded with less CPU "overhead" is it not? Thanks Steve
  3. If the CPU in a Watchout system is performing most of the image processing muscle any image throughput issues comparing a FirePro W600 vs W9000? (All system specs being equal). Will be running (6) 1920x1080x29.97 mov's to separate screens/projectors, no blending. Thanks in advance. Steve
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