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  1. Know that it is normal to have a little delay in datapaths, how do I minimize it? I have used in 1080p 60.
  2. I would like to thank the friends who helped me solve this difficulty, remapping the perfect cue for the space bar could change the slide with the background , it's great to have the help of this forum.
  3. I have an event where a keynote and the background should be played synchronously , imagine using the perfect cue for this ( shifter slide with two usb ) for this to work I need to play the timeline for page up , it's possible ?
  4. I would like to program and control the light by WO , read that Mike indicates ethergate mk2 of enntec , there is some more hardware that works well ?
  5. I am very grateful for the attention, in our company we work with corporate events, providing lighting service, sound and image, my work concerns the physical design and the projection with watchout, normally the events we produce take a lot of planning and designed medias are created specifically for the event, I would love that lighting interact with the media projected, our AVOLITES consoles "titan one" that is a software with a DMX interface and the old "Pearl 2010", I would love to be able to interact with these consoles.
  6. Hi to all , I need to control lighting by timelines, already been studying the outputs but did not understand how I can shoot setups for our AVOLITES , someone could give me a way to go ,i know I need some hardware for this, but do not know what or how to use.
  7. Hi, my name is Ademar from Brazil, we work with the watchout for corporate and medical events, we have a demand for medical surgeries play in 3d for an audience, imagine a passive system with polarizers in projectors, question, is the most suitable system? I could not understand how the 3d menu in preferences works, would be applied to passive 3d projections as I intend to do? Could someone please give me a help? thanks.
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