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  1. Yes I do. it works perfectly with nanokontrol2 but not nanokey2
  2. I have the same problem. I can use nanokontrol2 but not nanokey2. I hope someone can guide us to fix this because I need it to start tasks.
  3. It would be very helpfull to add a cue Fade In and FAde out to put direct on the clip. It is time cosuming to manualy do it in opacity tween. Of course there are short cuts like copy and paste. But it is nowhere near as efficient. Actualy most tweens would benefit having the opton to tweak them on the clip itself in the time line. But I am not a programmer. Maybe there are challenges that I dont understand to achieve this.
  4. ZaakQC

    Pause cue

    Well, life does not always work like that. Sometimes there are last minute changes needed. We use watchout for live shows and tv shows recording. Can't always stop the show. And there is no problem with that. It's not hard to have the cue not show the next image if it ends flush. It even makes lots of sense. It makes our life easyer and makes us work faster. Snap magne and not show next video. That is the purpose of a pause. Not to show the next video right away. Better worklow. Saves time and worries.
  5. Thsi was probably asked before. When the Pause Cue button is flush with a media, please make it so that the media associated does not show on screen. 99.8761 % of the time we, users, dont want to see the image, its a pause in order to send the media on cue. When I am doing a télévision show I am working for at them moment, I recieve medias, then I have 2 hours to make my sequence that is complex enough. Then reharsal. Then between 1 and 2 hours to make sur all is corrected from reharsal. After than it's crazy live time with 6 task, multiple medias cues etc. So in rush, sometimes my
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