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  1. for udp ... no i dint add \r in the end of command i did try use tcp.. for some reason , now i cant use tcp
  2. Hi .. i try unity3D send command to display server through udp.. it works... but some how when the watchnet is connected it will have issue. The display server will reload all the content when unity3D send the command for the first time . After that the unity3D command will not work .. We will need to restart the watchnet and unity3D then only the Display server ,watchnet and unity3D will workwell ... Any idea why this happen? it only happen when the first time send command from unity3D..
  3. Hi, is it any way to wake up non watch out installed pc on LAN ?
  4. Hi, thanks for reply .... previously i using udp to communicate with production machine... it works both way from unity to watchout and watch out to unity... now i have 3 display computer , and i wish to skip the production machine .. that why i choose to use watchnet to remote control ...However, your application can communicate directly with the cluster in lieu of WATCHNET using the standard cluster control commands. It is mean that i need point my unity to those ip of the three machines? would it be a way for us to use websocket to trigger the function button click that we set in th
  5. Hi, i wish to use Unity3D engine to trigger watchnet for control the cue and timeline.. Is it possible ? for my setup , we have 3 display server ..and using one watchnet to control them
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