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  1. ok.. i will try it... the weird thing is the message i send to watchout is gototime BI 38442 but it get merge with discover and become gototime BIdiscover ...
  2. hi , i experience a issue with wo6 .. "discover" message keep appear and the black error pop up appear.. i use unity3D to send signal to watchout server through udp. the message that i sent merge with the discover message that come out from no where randomly .. i suspect it from watchout it self...
  3. "terminated with a carriage returned (hex 0D)." what this mean?
  4. hi , i m facing one problem with watchout diplay cluster when i try to remote control with tcp .. i use c# to create a tcp client and connect to port 3039. it can connect but when i execute command , it return error 8.1 not authorized for the command .. any way to fix it ? previously i did use udp and it works .. but some how the udp message will combine if i send it very fast
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