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  1. I never said i have displays that are not rectangles. Maybe because I'm not good at English so you misunderstand. Sorry. So far, what I'm talking about is still a virtual display. Sometimes I use it to split video files to fit them to fit the actual model. Can you suggest me a way to do it better? Thank you!
  2. Sometimes it's like stacked umbrellas, I only have one projector, but visual effects are wrong with the actual model, so I need to split the parts to adjust them to fit better, If the virtual display can adjust the points, splitting it out will be much simpler
  3. Hello developers and programmers About virtual display, It would be great if you could add many shapes like triangles, hexagon...or can add more point into virtual display to change it better, it would be really helpful. I sometimes have to map to non-rectangular pieces and very hard to make only with the rectangle form. Please see if you can implement my feature requests. Sorry english is not my first language. Thank you so much!
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