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  1. HAP for all videos... About 300gb of content accross 14 outputs
  2. A bit of feedback on our server config. We ran RTX2080 to with 4x4k60hz and max 3m high quality cables. It worked perfectly. Computer was decoding and displaying 4x4k content on top of similar resolution background loop without any fault accross 5 days continuous run. For the m.2 we used Samsung Evo 970
  3. Hello some quick hardware question: - I feel RTX2080 with 11Gb memory and high graphic power is better choice over WX7100. What is your thought on that? There is WX9100 also but I am not big fan of mini DP adapters... - an other point is m.2 drives (with heat dissipator) vs SSD as m.2 can be way faster. Is there any good review on that? Any issue reported with m.2 drives?
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