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  1. Update found the issue was using passive dp to hdmi adapters and not active adapters
  2. So I can’t get back in the space until a couple hours but here’s what I can remember. 1 I updated watchout maybe 3 days ago. So whatever is most recent 2 the message is something along the lines of invalid gpu channel output. Says only 1 or 2 gpu channels available even thought the graphics card has 4 display port outs. 3 So the message appeared after pulling the computers from storage. They had worked before. The error message specifically comes up when I go online. Somehow I managed to fix it for a day and it was back the next day 4 A dialogue box com
  3. Hello all I’m a theatre production student at the university of Houston. I’m working with watchout for a production. I’m the departments expert on watchout. By expert I mean the only one who remotely knows how to use it I have done a couple shows with no issues. Out of the blue I keep getting an invalid GPU channel output of error. Steps I’ve take 1 reinstalled graphics drivers (firepro w5100 with 4gb gddr5) 2 switched projectors into different ports 3 recovered display computer to backup that came with the display server. I set the ip and subnet all back u
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