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  1. On 1/2/2019 at 4:13 PM, kai said:

    Hi All,

    I'm plan to use 2 server and 4 output / server and try to make slice to 2160x3465px (30fps) vertical output as RBeddig recommend,

    any recommend display card 4 output to support 2160x3456 30fps vertical output ,

    I have 2 choice for server,

    1st custom built with Windows 10 and other choice it's start with 2xWatchpax 4

    any suggestions would be appreciated

    Thank you so much




    Watchpax won’t give you edid management on the outputs and is lacking a framelock possibility on the outputs. Not my first choice for a large videowall. 

    If you have the choice, why not go ahead and start doing some practical tests? You can spend all the time of the world on this forum asking for experience, but you will never get the perfect answer for your particular situation and everyone here capable of directing you would perform the testing themselves, regardless of their experience, before taking such a project into the live show environment. 

    You’ll discover soon enough and while you’re at it: share your experience, we’re all curious about your findings!  Good luck!

  2. I would never use mpeg2 or mpeg4 for 4K playback. 

    Please use HAP codec for this and all will be fine (imo). 

    I use adobe media encoder with repetitive success. The latest version appears to have lost the Native HAP support, but if you have a subscription, you can always install the CC2017 version. Otherwise, there is a third party solution available for this, by Disguise. 

  3. Hi MisterK, 

    you don’t have to do any settings for this in Watchout. You have to go into Nvidia control panel, advanced setting. Setup a sync master (one of the outputs) and slave all other displays and the rj45 port(s). On the next machine, use the incoming sync at the rj45 port for all displays. 

  4. 2 hours ago, JJ Myers said:


    Nope, I second your opinion strongly! Would be really confusing if a file wouldn’t show when it hits the first frame. After all, I always sell WO as being basically a non-linear editing programme but without the need for pre-rendering and this behavior would really be out of line (and all reality). 

    Feels like TS is referring to something like QLAB or such which is a total different kind of ballgame with its lack of timeline (although I love using it whenever convenient) 

  5. Hi Nikolai. So if I understand correctly, you have one front projector to capture several moving elements?

    On 6/25/2018 at 3:01 PM, nikolai said:

    So the main challenge is 3-4 set pieces that move around on the stage from scene to scene

    In that case, using 3D mapping is no option whatsoever, since you'll be aligning one projector for one element, which will impact the position of each element in the picture (you can't align multiple elements with one 3D projector, since you'll be adjusting the virtual position of the projector, not the elements)

    So as I see it, only "conventional" corner pin tweaking would be your only option. Apart from that I doubt 3D Geometry would work as you can not tween this. (I suppose you might be able to copy the geometry and live paste during the show? But even if I could I wouldn't be going that route).


  6. Thanks Thomas, Thanks Mike. 

    Meanwhile I did a test already. Just generated some content in C4D and rendered into 8K-HAP. Resulting bitrate approx 1500 mbps. Played without any issue in stage window in production on my 2012mbp (bootcamp) and I have no doubt it will play perfect on a properly build displayserver, even multiple streams. (Am used to play numerous HAP files with a 7200x1200px framesize). 

    But again, thanks for the insight, this dxva app seems useful for numerous applications. 

  7. Hey guys, 

    quick question: what’s your experience with 8K content rendering and playout. Better to use one stream in hap 4320P or quad split to 4x4K? 

    Anyone knows the average bitrate of an 8K HAP file ? 

    Thoughts are welcome ?

  8. On 6/1/2018 at 2:44 PM, Stefan Duenkel said:

    Hey Walter,


    Thanks for your help

    Yes , WO 6.

    And yes Watchout is installed on the m.2.

    I was wondering if the m.2 slot and the GPU have to share the 16 pcie lanes the CPU supports.


    But if i read it right in the manual of the motherboard the M.2 SSD is connected to the CPU via DMI 3.0.

    so this shouldnt be the problem.


    i measured the read speed of the SSD an its over 3000 Mb/s.


    I can playback and loop two  4k files in HAP with 30fps simultaniously on top of each other perfectly , but not one with 60fps.


    is there a maximum of bitrate per file  that Watchout supports?


    The 4k HAP 60fps - clip is ten seconds long and has a bitrate above 600Mb/s




    Well, I’m used to playing numerous files with a bitrate of around 800mpbs at 50fps without any issues (at least 4 or so) using a dual ssd configuration so driving it of an m2 should present no issues. Not sure about the lanes but as your reading speed turns up as well as you state, this should not be the bottleneck. 


    Watchout doesn’t have a max bitrate it can handle afaik, so....


    btw, m2 is flash, not ssd, right? Or am I totally lost in the world of data carriers ?

  9. WO6 I presume? 

    This should indeed (at first sight) be no problem at all. Are you sure watchout is installed on the m2? Did you measure it’s read speed? 

    How long is the video file you’re trying to play? 

    HAP or HAPQ should play a few 4K streams without issue. 



  10. Hi Ben,

    you state the object is a series of boxes... so not a separate object for each box? 

    I’d go with separate elements and, if needed, split up your source content in watchout using virtual displays to map onto the separate boxes. Would give you exact control per box.

  11. I’m pretty sure Dill is talking about stage size rather than display size.


    There red used to be a limitation to how much you can scale up or down the stage size of a display relative to it’s actual size. Used to be factor 2, later it became factor 3 (So a 1920 display couldn’t be smaller than 640px in stage size? 

    But in the latest releases there’s apparently no noticeable limit anymore. At least, I appear to be able to set extreme values, both up and down. 


    Which leaves the question: Dill, what version of WO are you using? 

  12. 7 hours ago, FUM said:

    Hi, Erik.
    Thank you for teaching me in detail.
    I am using Adobe Media Encoder and it may be difficult to codec to Hap.
    Because it does not correspond to Hap family.
    So I will try it on H264.

    Hi there. What do you mean with “it does not correspond to HAP family” ? 

    I encode using AME all the time to hap. Just don’t forget to install the codec and it will be in the QT list of the encoder. 

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