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  1. I am also facing the same problem. i have one question there is any possibility to save as in previous version. Like AI, Autocad, I have one big watchout program an by mistake I saved in 6.2.2.
  2. I have successfully been able to control the Christie DWU700 GS projector from WO 6. Here is what I did: Port 3002 TCP control String Command (PWR0) POWER OFF (PWR1) POWER ON Thanks & Best Regards Pawan Vishwakarma Freelance Projectionist
  3. Hi, i have 4x Kiosk PC. There Is no Watchout licence I want To Shutdown and restart via Watchnet or watchout. also i want to control the Room AC with Watchnet. its possible to control ?
  4. Hi Anyone use string command with Christie DWU 700-GS ? I am trying to C0D$0D with port 3002 but it's not responding.
  5. Hi, Jonas, Thanks for reply, actually I have Mini recorder not Monitor. its 720p/50 is working fine. 1080i/50 is not work..
  6. Has anyone used Blackmagic Design DeckLink Mini Monitor successfully to input a 1080i/50 or 1080i/60 signal into Watchout v5.5.2?
  7. Thanks for the help guys! Its Working.. Pawan Vishwakarma
  8. Hi guys, i am trying to TAKE$A or $54$41$4B$45$0A its Working good , but whats Command For Select the INPUT.. and take ??? Thanks..
  9. Hey, I am using 16x MAC Mini Display computer i want to power up my all display computer from production pc.. has any WOL setting in MAC MINI Pc...
  10. Hi, I am conneting with medialon controller with production computers. but timecode is not show with medialon program. i am using auxiliary timeline.
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