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  1. I have programmed several shows for displays in the lobby of a new hotel. There is no one there that can run the Watchout production computer so I would like to control the display machine using commands from Crestron. I really don't know much about Crestron but the company that did the installation has a Crestron programmer available. Can some one point me to any resources that would give us a step by step guide to get this going? We have questions about whether it's better to send TCP commands or try using serial commands. Also about the exact syntax of the commands. Any help
  2. Thanks I have a small MIDI keyboard at the shop. I'll try that tomorrow
  3. After some trial and error work, I have managed to set up a data string that will send a TCP-IP command over my network. I use these cues to open and close the shutters on my projectors allowing me to program exactly when the projector is doused. I simply place the on or off cue for each projector in the main timeline and when the timeline gets to the cue, the projectors change. What I would like to be able to do, is to open or close the projector manually. If something happens and I need to change the shutters, I would like to have a simple way to do that without affecting the main
  4. Erik Thanks so much for your help. Multicast was turned on for the Spark boxes so I disabled it but we still couldn't see the outputs on the WatchPax. We are now in show mode and won't be changing anything for a few days but when I have some time next week, I will pull the WatchPax down and try to install the HX driver on them. When I upgraded the production machine to 6.2.1 I simply went online with the WatchPax and let Watchout send the new software over the network. I would imagine that this method would not install the HX drivers so I think I will attempt to install 6.2.1 directly o
  5. I have been working with various video inputs using NDI. I have 2 NewTek "Connect Spark" boxes which input HDMI and output NDI to the network. These seem to work fine for any source going to my Watchout rack computers. However when I try to output the signal to any of the WatchPax units, no image comes through. I have also created content on an external computer and used the NDI Scan Converter app to send web browser windows and movies. The content created with the Scan Converter displays through the WatchPax units without any problem. Has anyone else out there tried using these boxes w
  6. Hi Mike I feel like I owe you an apology. After sitting down at my machine with the manual open on another screen, I did find the instructions with all of the steps to create the output I need. I haven't actually succeeded yet but I think I was a bit premature in criticizing the documentation
  7. HI Mike Thanks for the reply and the link to the PJLink site. I have used PJLink before to open and close the shutters on a different Panasonic. When I did that, I had a lot of help from someone that was far more knowledgable than me. I still have the commands in the timeline of that show and I can kind of see how they were done but I could not duplicate doing that again on my own. I know the information is all in the WATCHOUT manual but I think what someone with my technical skills needs is a step by step tutorial on how to build an output cue and get it into your show timeline. in
  8. Hi I just purchased a new Panasonic PT-DZ13 video projector which has several options for control, one of those being Art-Net. As I understand it, If WATCHOUT is configured to output DMX, it does so using Art-Net. What I am trying to figure out is how to set up the system so that WATCHOUT will talk to the projector. I'm not sure what IP address I should set the projector to. I believe, I've heard that Art-Net addresses need to begin with a 2 but I may be imagining that, To be honest, I still don't fully understand the new method of naming computers instead of using IP addresses. An
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