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  1. to clarify this further, I'm referring to newer iOS 6 iPad w/remote app controling a Watchout display running version 5.1 on windows 7. Do we need to update to WO 5.3 for the remote to work properly with apple iOS 6 device?
  2. wierd. the app is now totally usless on my newest device. works fine with previous iOS5.1.1.
  3. when can we mac guys expect an upgraded remote app for the new iPads & iPhones?
  4. I'm also prepping a show for an install display, and want to use an iPad for a remote. the thing is, client wants a graphic interface - sort of like a motion DVD menu that remote controls the display. I could use some help with the javascript programming. (that's out of my programming league). please email jack@esperproducers.com
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