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  1. Hey Mike Actually i did not install any software from Medialooks, that's why i was so confused to see the watermark. I guess this medialooks plugin got on the computer in connection with some other software that got installed. i'm currently trying to figure out how it got on my machines. Maybe i can find out. But anyhow i think the best thing to do is a proper new installtion of the displays following the instructions of Jonas and Dataton Windows 7 Tweaking list. Greetings ans many thanks Harrison
  2. Well since you sound so suprised, let me check the installation again... Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. Hello Everyone Does anyone else has the Problem when playing quicktime files in a show, such as .mov or mp4. that there is a medialooks watermark in the upper left corner of the video. Medialooks provides some sort of Quicktime Plug-in for Windows, as far as i understand! According to Medialooks this is the explanation: QuickTime Plugin is a free DirectShow player plugin for playing back QuickTime files. Currently the QuickTime Plugin will work with Windows Media Player, Winamp, BS.Player, Media Player Classic, KM Player and Zoom Player. For other applications a MediaLooks logo will be displayed. We are open to adding support to other, preferrably non-commercial, applications by request I'm running WO 5.1 on a Windows 7 PC. Can anyone of you guys guess what the problem could be and how i can get rid of this watermark? many thanks! harrison
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