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  1. What is the best way to prevent explorer.exe from starting upon Win 10 booting?
  2. Thank you, jfk. Unfortunately this is not an option for us. We need to see the results pixel accurate on sycnhronised outputs running on media servers. it would be a great idea of some temporary keys for this kind of tests.
  3. Can this beta run with existed V.5 keys at least for a limited time? We would like to test new supported codecs in the first place. Thank you German
  4. With Ver. 5.5 we experience troubles with display computers built on Asus P9X79 mainboards with Intel dual-LAN adapters - only one of the adapters works with Watchout 5.5. ven though the production PC succeeds in testing the connection to a display PC, it generates an error when switching to online mode. The Ver. 5.3.x works fine with both LAN adapters. Do you have any experience with this issue?
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