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  1. Mike, WOuld cutting be an issue on the projector or it is better that we don't have that EDID data? Thanks D.
  2. Mike, We are running multiple displays. 3 Christies LX700 and 4 LG BX403B and 1 Samsung LED TV. All setup to take in 1024x768. there are 3 Display computers using powercolor HD7870 cards . Each have 3 connections each. 1 DV1 and 2 MDP per display computers. The distribution is each display is taking care of 1 Christie and 2 LG BX402B except for Display 3 which takes care of only 1 Christie and 1 Samsung LED TV. I hope this creates a better picture. Thanks D.
  3. Are you guys ok with the Extron EDID 101V ??? This seems to be the cheapest solution and can deliver the fastest. Also what about the Gefens are they as good. The Parrots are out of my budget. D.
  4. Jonas, From the video card it goes to ATEN van cryst V92A splitters / then goes to projectors and vga kvm switchers for easy access when setting up. What happens is that the watch out screen appears when the pcs detach then all we need to do is to turn the timeline offline then online then restart playing the show. It happens once every 2 to 3 days . We shutdown the system daily. Close the system at 9pm and open the system at 8am daily. I hope there is a less costly solution, we should have prepared for the DVI parrots when we first setup the system, now we are stuck.
  5. Same thing is happening to me I hope there is a way to solve this without using expensive EDID managers. We are running 9 outputs currently, and 9 EDID parrots are expensive and not part of the initial Bill of Quantities submitted to client, so am stuck. I cannot afford out of my pocket. Thanks D.
  6. unfortunately client cannot afford the EDID hardware solution, looking for software EDID forcers if you know of any. So you think thats the issue? Are there other issues we can look for? Thanks D.
  7. To super dataton experts. What are the reasons why watch out display computers detach One PC detaches intermittently. Even after we checked the list, and without any window error logs. We have ran 3 days without incident after accomplishing the checklist. We are dumbfounded. Stumped. Maybe if one can tell us the reasons we know where to start in our troubleshooting I hope someone was able to rise from this problem. Network did not detach, no logs catched the problem. Is there something we can run to diagnose our system if it is healthy? Really desperate, I cannot let my tech
  8. Oh my JFK, I hope there is a software EDID solution for the Radeon. Fingers crossed.
  9. thanks jfk, that really sounds great. That is also cool because we are using PowerColor HD 7870 cards Thank you for the response.
  10. I would like to ask if there is a purely software driven EDID solution, that can dictate to the video card and fix a single resolution to all the ports available across all display pcs. The available solutions are expensive and adds another connector to the chain of connectors, most specially if one has splitters and distribution amplifiers in the mix. Most especially if one has mdp-vga then vga to splitter, splitter to kvm, etc. Especially if one is driving 9 ports at once..having a hardware solution can cost an arm and a leg. Thanks D.
  11. An auto-stitch feature would be awesome. Maybe using a laser that provides a grid pattern and a camera digitizer.
  12. One of our pc's is detaching from the show. Internal PC logs can't seem to catch the error. We are not that IT savvy so what we are doing are mostly Shotgun approaches and hope for the best. Like upgrading AMD Catalyst to 12.4 ... replacing CAT5e cables. It appears network related. And happens once every few days. Strange. Anyways speeding up the data rates of the drive might solve some issues. Thank you for your post. D.
  13. I would like to ask if there is a way to make the media on the Display PC save on the RAID not on the System Drive's User folder. Thanks. D.
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