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  1. Hey guys, how can I slow down a video in Watchout? Is this also possible when I am already in the online mode? This is useful when the actors on the stage are too slow. Lat me know! Thanks in advance! Greets from Fabi
  2. Great plan! I just tried it and it works! Thanks! Here a short manual: 1. Open the Input-Window and create a MIDI Note input (It´s best to enable the Learn-Function). Name it e.g. "C0" 2. Open the Task-Window and create an Auxiliary Timeline. 3. Next to the link to the auxiliary timeline in the Task Window you can put the name of a trigger. Jut write in the name of the input you´ve just created ("C0"). 4. Double-Click on the new Auxiliary Timeline in the Task-Window -> Specify the Timeline Settings of the Auxiliary Timeline. Give it a name (e.g. "C0_Pos1" )and shorten the duration of the Auxiliary Timeline to 1 second. 5. While the Auxiliary Timeline still is open, go on Timeline/Add Play Control Cue. Double-Click of the appearing item -> Select Main Timeline instead of Enclosing Timeline -> Select Jump To and write in the name of the control cue located in the Main Timeline you want to jump to (e.g. "Pos1"). Now the Auxiliary Timeline only consists of one control cue. 6. Quit the Auxiliary Timeline and create a Play Control Cue on the Main Timeline on the position the cursor should jump to, when the C0-Key is pressed on the keyboard. Give it the name you´ve just decided ("Pos1"). Now you can try it!
  3. Hey guys, I want to jump from one position to another in the main timeline by pressing a key on my MIDI keyboard. I can trigger auxiliary timelines as it is explained in the training video "Timelines - Starting from External Events" on http://www.dataton.com/watchout/training-movie/timelines_starting_from_external_events . This works perfectly. However I don´t want to trigger an auxiliary timeline but the main timeline itself. I am aware that I can trigger control cues by preesing F1 - F12, but these are not enough keys for an event lasting 90 minutes. I´d like to trigger control cues with my midi keyboard, just as I can do this pressing F1 - F12. Is this possible? I can´t find a solution in the user manual. And How? I don´t get it ... Thanks for your advice. Greets from Fabi
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