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  1. DFC_Data, not DFC_DATA At least not on 5.5.2 Cheers Efe
  2. Thanks Fredrik. Monday will be fine. Regards Efe
  3. Hi When I switch to Datapath inputs, the captured feed freezes in a few seconds. I have to Offline/Online back and forth to go on. Tried with 3 different computers. Decklink input is just fine though. Drivers and Watchout are all latest version. Regards Efe Ersoy
  4. Far more complicated than I was planning. I really don't have the budget for controller stuff. Hmmm Thanks for the tip Efe Ersoy
  5. Hi We have a project to set up a permanent show on a museum to show a video realisation of a historical event on multiple diisplays. Is it possible to start the show with a simple electrical push button? Regards Efe Ersoy
  6. How about "Below Main Timeline" option for auxilary timelines? Regards Efe Ersoy
  7. It turned out that I should specify source spec as 1080i 25 NOT 1080i50. Terminology differences... Efe
  8. Hi I'm having problems with Watchou 5.2, Decklink Studio card with Blackmagic Drivers 9.6.6. I cannot get HD SDI or Component signal to Watchout. Blackmagic Media Express software easyly get non-dropped signal. Watchout can get signal through Blackmagic WDM capture. But it is only 2 fps i think. Composite SD capture is not a problem though. The PCs and Decklink cards worked in previous versions of Watchout and Decklink Drivers flawlesly in the past. What am I doing wrong? Regards Efe Ersoy
  9. Hi Is it possible to get 3 different DVI outputs from an AMD 6870 card? When I connect 2 displays on DVI ports and one other via a Mini Display Port to DVI, Catalyst software tells that only 2 of them can be active. I can get 3 VGA outs though... Regards Efe Ersoy
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