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Interlaced media playback


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I have a project that I require the use of interlaced media (3D stereoscopic pre interlaced) but the MPG decoder is automatically deinterlacing my media- How can I override this and force an interlaced playback


Running 5.5 on Windows 7 with SSD drives and AMD Firepro V7900 


Each display has to run native resolution 1366 x 768 


Any ideas would be better than where I am at right now.

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you can not use 3D interlaced material since here both views of the 3D film are encoded into one image. You have to ask for the two videos as separate files or at least as side-by-side versions which you could crop and scale to size.

In WATCHOUT you have to use two tiers for the two displays and you need to link each file to the correct tier in the layer settings too.


For more information see page 86 of the WATCHOUT manual.




Rainer Beddig

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I understand the normal way to present 3D material and I have used the left eye right eye projection for years but I have a new planar system that has fixed polarizers on the face of the display and the processor does not support interlacing at the input point it is only a native feed to the display. For this reason I have left eye right eye material that I have used dashwood 3D plug in and created an interlaced file that are even row left eye and odd row right eye- plays back wonderfully as a single file and test clips that are MOV but the final render is over 120 GB full res and each of the subs even rendered down to H.264 are over 2GB each- I have a beefy machine behind it but I need to get this to MPG for sake of playback performance. 


Any other insight?

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