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Anyone seen this issue before?

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Getting what looks like corrupted data when going live. I've had the same issue on Watchout 6.4.1, and 6.5... I'm guessing its a windows problem? Not too sure at this point

Machine Specs: i9 9820x, Asus TUF X299 mobo, 16GB DDR4, AMD Firepro W7100, Windows 10 Pro, Watchout Version 6.4.1 


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I guess you're using LIVE mode!?

In LIVE mode you can see cryptic error messages when you add media. The reason is that WATCHMAKER asks WATCHPOINT to show the media while the media is still travelling to your display server. You can just ignore it.

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To solve the problem, you need to test step by step what is wrong on your side.

To add a lot of media files, I would not use live update.

Add (some of) your files and go online without live update. Then continue with more files.

Once all your files are on the display computer you may switch to live update. It will take a moment to analyse and cache the files but then it should work.

WATCHOUT 6.4.1 takes longer to cahce files than other version of WATCHOUT. Try WATCHOUT 6.5 whether it works better for you.

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