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Loss of audio & frame sync when looping Quicktime PhotoJPEG Movies in 4.3

David Organ

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Any clues on how to stop these edge blended pre split movies going out of sync after only 2 or 3 plays. please?


1/ I have tried standard looping - very poor sync which appears very quickly.


2/ Straight line show with multiple copies of the movie in the timeline playing one after the other - again poor syncing.


3/ As above but adding a " jump to" command, after the movie has ended, then pausing for 6 seconds (in an effort to get all the Displays back in sync) - I perceive this is better and we can now get almsot an hour of loops.


Additionally the Quicktime movies are also playing back a small 200 meg audio file as well as the Quicktime movie ( one is encoded at 25mb sec and the other movie according to Quicktime Player is 74mb sec).


As This is the media I have to make a 12 hour timeline but with more accurate sync than the curent setup.

Our work around is for the Creston Controller to play the movie every hour.


Does anyone have any tips on smooth PhotoJPEG Quicktime Movie playback in WO?





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When it comes to media formats in WATCHOUT, one of the basic rules is that WATCHOUT will play pretty much anything.

This is still one of the fundamental features of the product and something we are very proud of.


Having said that, it is however our strong advise to stick with a limited number of familiar media formats and encoding settings,

especially if you are working with motion video.


Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, what is recommended for other digital media, video or web applications is NOT what works best for WATCHOUT.


WATCHOUT media format summary:


PSD for text and any graphic

MPEG2 for any video content including pre-split proxies

QuickTime Animation for alpha channeled video


This is exactly what we (Dataton) recommend currently and if you stick to this list(and there are very few reasons not to actually), you will have less issues.


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