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  1. Hi, How do you intend to use this card? With WATCHOUT? I assume you're talking about the AMD FirePro V7900 SDI with SDI-Link mentioned above? It will work as a normal ATI/AMD FirePro V7900 graphics card if used with WATCHOUT, if there are current drivers available for it. UPDATE: There are Windows 10 drivers, but the card are now a legacy product, latest drivers from 2/16/2017: https://www.amd.com/en/support/professional-graphics/legacy-products/firepro-v-series/firepro-v7900 Forget the SDI-Link/DirectGMA part, it requires a 3rd party SDI-card and a SDK and/or 3rd party to make it work. DirectGMA are supported on all newer AMD Pro graphics cards It never worked with applications like WATCHOUT though, as stated earlier above... /jonas AMDFireProSDILinktechnology.770554275.pdf DirectGMA_Web.pdf
  2. Hi David, Is that also true for the Radeon Pro WX-series of cards? And only a driver/OS issue, not a hardware issue of the FirePro cards? It seems from this table (link below) FirePro W-series can do maximum 3 x 4K (3840X2160) at 60 Hz, but the Radeon Pro WX-series, from WX 4100 up to the new WX 8200, can do (claims) 4 x 4K (3840X2160) at 60 Hz. https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/eyefinity-professionals, table a bit down on the page. Would be interesting to know if a FirePro W7100 would output 4 x 4K (3840X2160) at 60 Hz under Win10 but only 3 under Windows 7. Driver version seems to be the same. /jonas
  3. Just a sidenote on this off-topic discussion ;-) : David A: "Almost none of them adds any black level matching (not sure if any of them do?)" All of Barco's current Event/Rental Staging projectors do this, and have done that since long time ago (ELM/SLM/XLM ->) It's part of the ScenergiX setup feature. They also do low-latency edge-blending/warping simultaneously. Some of the smaller single-chip lamp-based projectors would need an add-on warp/blend box though. Agree on Walters statement above, too. (just enable warp on all PJ’s then even if that particular PJ doesn’t need to be corrected) /jonas
  4. As the above link is no longer active, here's the text from WATCHOUT v5.5 release notes: URL-based Images In addition to loading images from a file on disk, or from the Dynamic Image Server added in WATCHOUT version 5, you may now also load an image from a URL. This is similar to loading images through the Dynamic Image Server in that the image will be loaded afresh each time it's displayed, allowing images to be easily updated. The URL you specify may refer to an actual website on the Internet (e.g., a weather map), or may point to an in-house web server used only for serving images to WATCHOUT. To use this feature, first determine the URL of the image to be used. This can be done using a web browser by right-clicking the image and choosing "Copy Image Location", or similar command. This gives you the image URL. Open a new browser window and paste in the URL (which typically ends in .jpg or .png) to make sure you get just the image. Determine the dimensions of the image, in pixels, by dragging the image onto your hard drive and opening it using an image editor. In WATCHOUT, choose "Add Image Proxy" on the Media menu, paste in the URL of the image, and enter its dimensions. If the image contains transparency, select the type under "Transparency". Click OK, then use the image as usual in WATCHOUT. Each display computer will load the image from the URL every time it's displayed. /jonas
  5. Albeit that any version beyond WATCHOUT 6.1.2 or WATCHNET 1.2.1 is missing from there... /jonas
  6. It seems like this card actually are TWO cards, in a one-slot envelope. This means it will be seen as two cards by Windows, and by extension WATCHOUT. WATCHOUT then will only use one of them, ie 4 outputs, which make sense, but is not the desired outcome... Apparently using Mosaic setup in NVidias driver help, but will only be seen as one large screen, not 5/6/7 or 8 individual displays. So maybe not so good for generic WATCHOUT use then. From: http://www.anandtech.com/show/9760/nvidia-launches-nvs-810-digital-signage-video-card This card is based around a pair of GM107 GPUs on a single board, allowing NVIDIA to outfit the NVS 810 with 8 mini-DP 1.2 ports on a single-wide PCIe card /jonas
  7. Pablo, As described many times earlier, both AMD Eyefinity and WATCHOUT gives you a maximum 6 outputs in total, from one graphics card. Two cards in SLI (NVidia) or CrossFire (AMD) mode will give you more hardware power/resources, but still only display output from one card. Stability has less to do with this, it's a more complex setup, I think. And it will take much needed PCIe-slots away from other use. /jonas
  8. Since the card was announced this Monday 24/4, I hardly think there are many that has any experience with it... http://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-radeon-pro-duo-graphics-card,34229.html As long as it's adhere to similar drivers & DirectX support as other AMD FirePro/Radeon Pro cards, I can't see why it should'nt work with WATCHOUT. This part below I highly doubt will be usable out of the box in/with WATCHOUT, though: The benefit of the dual GPU Radeon Pro Duo graphics card is that designers can now use two software packages simultaneously. Professionals can take advantage of the parallel computing power of the Radeon Pro Duo graphics card to accelerate compute-intensive tasks in computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, and other applications that support OpenCL. Even if your application doesn’t support multi-GPU acceleration, this professional graphics card makes it possible to dedicate one GPU to the functions of separate applications concurrently, or to work with multiple 4K video streams in real-time. According to AMD, live content creation using the first GPU, with real-time rendering and/or ray tracing on the second GPU, is now possible. It will be up to Dataton to find out the usability of these features in the future, I guess. /jonas
  9. Tim, When I just downloaded it from the link above, I got v6.0.1. However using your link, I got v5.1 /jonas
  10. Re: Matrox graphics for WATCHOUT use: The answer on this question can be found by a short search in the Forum, for example this one thread: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/2005-matrox-c900-video-cards/?hl=matrox Nothing substantial has changed, Matrox graphics cards are geared towards many outputs and lots of pixels. DirectX hardware acceleration support are there, but designed more for business level graphics. (Which they're good at!) The later Matrox cards certainly can be used, but that will be at the lower end of performance for a WATCHOUT setup. 3 x 4K output/playback is entirely possible in WATCHOUT, with properly selected and set up hardware. An AMD FirePro W7100 or RadeonPro WX7100 for example will easily do this. I'm more wondering about other parts of your description: - 12000 x 2160 video-file playback? Which codec? At what framerate? - No mentioning of the rest of the system hardware? Processor? Disksystem? All of this affect your playback capabilities, of course. My 2 cents, /jonas
  11. If these are WATCHMAX units as stated in the topic, the hardware tuning should be taken care of, otherwise re-tune/re-image them. /jonas
  12. "DFC_Data" it is: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/717-rebuild-show-file/?do=findComment&comment=2611 /jonas
  13. Maybe it's easier to read the Academy Kinect recipe when using dataton instead of datation in the link above? http://academy.dataton.com/recipe/kinect-input/ /jonas
  14. According to the manuals from Extron, it should be transparent re:EDID info. I interpret this as it should pass the EDID info from the projector through, as a cable would, ideally. Supports EDID and HDCP transmission — DDC channels are actively buffered, allowing continuous communication between source and display. The transmitter have a setting for the DDC channel routing, though. How that switch is set will probably affect the result... 3) DDC Route switch — This rear panel switch selects either the remote or local DVI display as the display data channel (DDC) reference for EDID and HDCP communication. /jonas
  15. Hi all, If 1920x1080@60p is your only requirement this adapter will work fine. However, DisplayPort 1.1 and this active adapter to HDMI 1.4, actually supports 4K but only up to 30 Hz. (4K Ultra HD (4096x2160 @ 24/30 Hz, 24 bits/pixel) The limitation to maximum 30p are due to the DisplayPort 1.1 and HDMI 1.4 specifications. For 60p HDMI output one needs both DisplayPort 1.2. AND HDMI 2.0 support in the adapter. The adapter mentioned, Accell B086B-003B-2, also seems replaced by the newer Accell B086B-006B-2. In order to cope with 4K/UHD@60Hz one would need this adapter instead: http://www.accellcables.com/collections/adapters/products/displayport-1-2-to-hdmi-2-0-adapter Accell B086B-011B - DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 Active Adapter my 2 cents, /jonas
  16. Is it possible for the Production PC and the Display PC to be one and the same? No, minimum setup is 1 license for a Production PC & 1 license for a Display PC with up to 6 possible outputs. ie you need a Production PC, maybe a laptop, and a separate license to that PC. This is how WATCHOUT been working since it's inception, WATCHOUT v5 brought multiple outputs from a Display PC. /jonas
  17. Just some questions Michael, since it's not mentioned: - are you sure your 6 LED-processors are synced towards each other? - you are using AMD S400 sync cards in your setup to sync the outputs of the 2 WATCHOUT Display PC's? /jonas
  18. The reason for Delta 1010 working, and M-Track Eight is not working with WATCHOUT 4.x.x (or 5.x.x) is that the M-Track Eight's WDM driver is not supporting multi-channel output properly, as the Delta 1010 driver does. This is a M-Audio issue, unfortunately. WATCHOUT 4/5 relies upon the M-Audio driver to make this work. In WATCHOUT 6.x.x, the multichannel audio works in a different way, here the M-Track Eight would work. /jonas
  19. WATCHMAX answers: 1.Can i use Master and Client together or not? No, minimum setup is 1 license for Production & 1 license for Display (in this case included in the WATCHMAX price) ie you also need a Production PC, maybe a laptop, and a separate license to that PC. 2.License key dongle 4 or only 1 ? 1 license key/up to 6 outputs depending on graphics card chosen for WATCHMAX. 3.What Os for Watchmax? Windows 7. 4.What version of WatchOut license key Version 6.x.x 5. how to upgrade license key dongle after, if New version Through WATCHOUT Production software, over the network, as it's always been done. /jonas
  20. Please look in the pinned post above: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/1127-watchpax-autostarttxt-script/ Also mentioned in the WATCHPAX Product sheet/Manual at page 3/4: https://www.dataton.com/assets/Products/Watchpax/WATCHPAX_2_art_no_3362.pdf From the autostart.txt file in WATCHPAX: ; These are some examples on how to set a fixed IP number on the WATCHOUT computer. ; You only need to run this script once. After that the WATCHOUT computer remember the ; last set fixed IP number. The fixed IP numbers is shown in the start-up screen under ; the WATCHOUT 5 logo. The IP number inside the parentheses is the DHCP/link-local IP number. ; Remember that you always need to authenticate to level 2 before you try to set the IP number. ; ; Example: Set the fixed IP number to ; ; authenticate 2 ; setIP ; ; Example: Set the fixed IP number to with the network mask ; : authenticate 2 ; setIP ; ; Example: Remove the fixed IP number and restore the WATCHOUT computer to use the DHCP/link-local IP number. ; ; authenticate 2 ; setIP /jonas
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