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  1. Can I output 4x 4k outputs in windows 7 if running in 25or 30p. Firepro and M.2 hardware. Still limited to 3 outputs in 50/60, right? Regards Christian Croonquist
  2. Any chance this will be changed in the future? Maybe 1 licence key per card?
  3. Hi Is there still a limit to one grapichs card per display machine?
  4. I would stay away from HDbaseT. It will work 90% of the time. Seen shows go bad running HDbaseT due to interference from radios an bad cabeling. Might work ok in an permanent installation. I always use DVI fiber and a DVI matrix.
  5. Is the Decklink quad SDI tested to work with watchout? Any issues?
  6. Hi all In a recent install the mouse cursor is visable in the middle of one of the displays after rebooting the system. Sometimes it is the normal arrow cursor and sometimes it is the "spining ring" Any ideas? Win 7 home premium, Asus mb, intel hexacore, asus HD 6970, 16 Gb, WO 5.2 in cluster control via UDP commands Christian Croonquist
  7. Hi, how can I send rs232 commands to different com ports on the display computer? I am trying to control 5 DVI switchers from the timeline. Best regards, Christian Croonquist
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