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CMS interaction with Watchout 5


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I have a several question about Watchout display sever and production server which are provided by Dataton.


I want to display basic video content on the LFD screen and also I want real time text message and flash files on the basic video by scheduling (there are day time text messages and night time text messages to display).


1. Can Watchout 5 have interaction with CMS(content management system) like below?

2. Can this system control in network by remote controlling? 


CMS Requirement is following

  1. First Basic Background Video Content (first artistic video content)
  • Number of Video : 4 (random scheduling is needed)
  • Add and Delete function for Movie Clips and Scheduling for random timeline for content (using network)
  1. Second Basic Video Content (2nd artistic video content)
  • Number of Video: 5 , 2 of day time content/3 of night time content --> scheduling is needed 
  • Add and Delete function for movie clips and Scheduling for on time display function for content(using network)
  1. Welcome Real Time Text message and Flash File
  • Producing moving text template with flash files and real time text message, There will be 1 Day Time version and 1 Night Time version
  • Add and Delete Template function
  • Manager can type real time text message to display
    If we have more than 2 of day time and night time template, we need to have the function of designating time for each template
  • Text message should be displayed in the scheduled time


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Take a look at the network control prococol in the manual, which should give you an idea on what kind of control you have over WATCHOUT. What CMS do you have in mind? Sheduling should be fairly straightforward, However, editing of shows would have to be done using the WATCHOUT production software. An external control system can excert some control over specific aspects of a running presentation, but can not really alter it in any easy way. You could, for example, trigger independent "auxiliary timelines", control "conditional layers" and use "inputs" to control tween parameters (position, scale, opacity, etc).


Hope this helps.



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