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2 way communication Watchout to online database


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I need to design a system that will project a series of text entries from an online database (50,000 separate lines of text, for 30 seconds each). I would like the text to be stored online and be drawn down as a live feed for the projections. I would also like to display the text online, synchronised with the projections on site in real time.


The show runs each night for a few years, during which time there will be power outages, or other down time. If the projection system goes down, the text feed needs to pause and then start again from that point once the system is back up.


The question is: How can I achieve this level of synchronisation - ie pause the data feed when the projection system goes down, and start it again when the projection system comes back up?

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Hi Mike,

      I've taken a look through the info and files and I have a few questions:



The example displays comments as they are entered, showing the last 3 comments in the DIS folder - those comments being images generated by the JSONgenerator.swf file. Each comment is given the same name 'record0' 'record1' & 'record2'. 


In my case I'll be starting with a pre-determined list of records and would like each record displayed for 30 seconds (plus .5 second fade up & .5 second fade down). The full list of records will need to loop about 12 times over the course of 4 years. Are these display times set within Watchout - or controlled via the content of the DIS file?


I need to display the records online in real time - ie as a projected record is fading up, the same info is faded up online. I imagine there's a delay cased by JSONgenerator.swf generating the record image, then that image being displayed in watchout? And, how can the system feedback which record is currently being shown?






Maybe I'm overcomplicating things and I should simply create a WO file containing each of the records on a timeline. The show content would consist of 1 background image and  around 65,000 text items - 1 colour with transparent background, the timeline would be approximately 560 hours in length. 


Will Watchout handle this amount of media and also the show duration?

Could I achieve the desired outcome using timecode to control the WO show and also control an individual RSS feed from a MySQL database?






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