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What WIFI adapter for outdoor projection - USB or PCI Card?

David Organ

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I would suggest to create point to point high power WiFi system with outdoor directional antennas.

Installing the adapter in the Display Computer would not be my first choice, drivers, extra software, etc.


- USB adapter would most likely require placing the adapter away from the PC via a USB extension cable.

- PCI adapter would be a better choice, but comes with the same extra software


I would suggest to only use the wireless to extend the network signal. Wired to access point/router and wired from repeater/bridge device.


Going this route would make it easy to replace the Display computer or have multiples if needed via a wired switch.


[strong]A newer company called Amped Wireless has such products. Not sure if they are in the UK[/strong]




[strong]Buffalo Tech should be available in the UK as well as be compatible with high gain antennas.[/strong]

Router with detachable antennas



Wireless to Wired Bridge







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