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Live Video Lag on one System using Intensity Pro


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I have 4 display PC's, each identical (as far as I can tell). Each has an intensity pro capturing an HDMI feed from a Sony camera. It works fine on 2 of them but I am seeing about a 1.5 second delay on one and a 1 second delay on the last.


I've gone through the settings, and the tweak list and can't find the issue. The capture looks great in the BlackMagic software, the lag is about 2-3 frames max.


Here are my system specs:

Win 7 Premium

Quad Core i5-4440 @ 3.1 GHz


64bit OS

AMD Radeon HD7750

BlackMagic Intensity Pro Card


Any ideas where I should be looking?



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I would try and locate the point of the issue, being hardware or software.


I would bring up Blackmagic Media Express and display the feeds that way, and see if you get the same delay.


If so, i would think it's a driver (or configuration via their control panel) issue. If not - then start looking at Watchout etc.


Just my thoughts.


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