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Challenge: 6 displays, 6 1080p streams, 1 Display PC


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I've got some experience with Watchout using a single projector onto a curved surface. The presentation has been running with the occasional tweak for 2+ years now. Now, I am being challenged with revamping the space with 6 x 42" LCD displays. The content will be 6 1080p streams running simultaneously. I am building this installation from scratch so I don't have to use existing hardware.


I've looked into the VisionTek Eyefinity 6 card mentioned in the sticky, and the FirePro v9800 card, and I know running the 6 displays from 1 pc is possible. But I am unsure if a pc, even with top specs, can run 6 simultaneous 1080p streams. Would it be better to break it out to two display computers running 3 displays each? Or can I build a Core i7, SSD RAID, 16GB RAM Monster that will handle the streams stutter free?


The funds aren't really an issue nor are the content formats. I will be getting the source files so I can encode to whatever will run best.


I am really hoping someone out there has experience with this type of installation or challenge. If you don't perhaps you know of another forum or venue that also addresses watchout display installations.


Thanks in advance for helping out!


FYI I have read the stickies, and searched the forum. I have tried to do my due diligence before humbly asking your assistance!

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While I haven't tested a 6 screen output off of one machine, I have successfully played 6 independent 1080p streams at once (using mpeg II files). Any of the current generation 4 core processors should be able to do that. Having said that, if money is not a constraint I would opt for using 2 machines with 3 screens each so that you have some headroom. An issue to keep in mind is that should you need to transition from one video to another, you will double the number of streams you need to play at once as the upcoming video will need to cache.

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Thanks for the quick reply and great advice. I hadn't even thought of the caching. It sounds like 1 pc would be a serious challenge and could possilbly cause some stutters. Even spreading the displays across 2 pcs, do they still need to be top of the line spec or will mid-range suffice? Also, does anyone know of any blogs or forums that cover multi-display installations, experiences, tips/tricks?

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I just did 5 1080 streams. 1 year old i7 machines (one may have been an i5, but specs indicate it was faster then the previous i7...to many versions. I'd have to dig out the build quote) 6gb ram, ssd's, v5.0, 6990 4gb ati card. the 4gb of vram, and 2 gpu's on the card are killer. mpeg2 file format, ~20mb/s data rate.

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