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Unable to play with spacebar

Juvensius Cuz

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I currently have this issue with some version of dataton (4.1, 4.3, 5.1)
sometimes my spacebar cannot trigger the timeline to play.
When i press the spacebar, the timeline only foward for 1 frame and the free running file couldn't start.

But if i use the play button in the bottom left of timeline windows, the play still working normally.

For now, the only way I fix it with restarting the production software.


Also I have some issue with some video that won't start after I play it.

The video freezing and start after few seconds. (MOV H.264)

I'm using 2 display in 1 computer, but 1 display could work fine (with lower resolution).

And if I update the project and quickly re-running the video, it could play normally at the both display.


Is there any solution for those problems?


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For spacebar issue:

is there no any solution to fix it? Because i still have some computer that running with 4.3




For other issue :



4gb ram

vga radeon 1gb

hdd 160gb (not ssd)

ethernet gigabit, direct from production to display


file quicktime h.264 high quality

bitrate : auto


display 1 : 768 x 288 (bitrate around 1500-3500 Kbps)

display 2 : 240x160 (bitrate around 9000-15000 Kbps)


display 2 could run without problem, but the display 1 frequently freezing while the display 2 can running normally

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I'm sorry, but there will be no fix for WATCHOUT 4.



Re: other issue
Running WATCHOUT 5 under Windows 7, on the hardware you describe, might be the issue here.
A setup that worked well for WATCHOUT 4 under WindowsXP, will not be a good choice for WATCHOUT 5.
Is this a single output or multi-output setup?
Resolution on said outputs?
file quicktime h.264 high quality
Tried the same files at MPEG-2 encoding?
display 1 : 768 x 288 (bitrate around 1500-3500 Kbps)
display 2 : 240x160 (bitrate around 9000-15000 Kbps)
Why this high bitrate on less resolution on the file?
If the problem persists, please file a case at support@dataton.com, and include the show (.watch) and content.



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