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Inputs window "Updated, Edited"

Alex Ramos

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Hi all,


I need to sort Inputs by name and/or type "description".

Another option is to drag and drop, same way as the aux timelines in the task window.


Creating folders inside the Input window is as must.

When you need to work with dozens/hundreds of inputs, you need to be able to organize it.

I want all the inputs belonging to the same media cue all together, or all the inputs to from size, position,... address to different media cues in a row. 


How can I read the inputs state from a external app via TCP IP?



Your comments, please.






Another great way to work with inputs would be, ex:


1 - Create a generic input to manage "rotation Y" and call it "rotY"

2 - Assign the input "rotY" to the formula tween of the media cue you need rotation on this axis

3 - Use TCP to control the generic input, " setInput <rotY> <mediacueName><value>[<fadein>]"


My proposal is to add this extra string as optional to the setInput command.

If you don't include the mediacueName in to the setInput it should work as it is now.

This way we only need to create one rotation Y input for all media cues.

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