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  1. I believe that the server computer is using 4x the bandwidth and each client only 1x But you can confirm this by using HWinfo. https://www.hwinfo.com/ Run a copy on all computers, set the Production as client and all the other as servers. You can monitor everything that matters including network bandwidth.
  2. I'd love to have the original file to try and find the "thing". If not confidential send me the link, I have some free time to kill.
  3. Any gaming laptop will do great, Alienware, Razer, Rog, Stix... Big screen, strong GPU are the things to look for.
  4. I took this as a challenge and based on JFK's instruction decided to try and make it. Here is my take on it, check the video and let me know if it does what you need. Video tutorial.
  5. I don't know what you mean by "normal video" This only works if the original video is already using alpha channel. Ex: Apple Animation+ --> HapAlpha, Apple ProRes 444 --> HapAlpha PNG sequence+ --> HapAlpha This is the simplest command I can think of. ffmpeg -i [input file] -vcodec hap -format hap_alpha [output file.mov]
  6. Christopher don't take this the wrong way, but you need to do some research on your one. Use google and youtube. Me and David give you all the info you need in the thread to convert any video to Hap using FFMPEG. About the compression rate, HAP has no adjustable ratio, its fixed, use Hap for good image quality and use HapQ for better quality. 1 -> Download FFMPEG for Windows from ffmpeg win64 2 -> Extract the contents of the Bin folder to your c:/windows/system32/ ignore the other files (This is not the correct way to do, but it's the easiest) 3 -> Place the
  7. Sorry to hear about that. Did you have more than one network card on the production PC? If so, I bet it was it.
  8. You could capture video with Resolume, add what ever Fx and export to WO via NDI
  9. The way I see it, there is no "best". Will depend on hardware capabilities. I'm using ffmpeg to convert files. -> Hap -> 25, 30 or 60fps depends on the playback device -> Hap automatic -> Hap automatic -> Hap Alpha -> HapQ is a higher bitrate, larger files, better quality. Here are my ffmpeg settings: ffmpeg -i [input file] - dn -an -vf yadif -r 25 -vcodec hap -format hap [output file] ffmpeg -i [input file] - dn -an -vf yadif -r 25 -vcodec hap -format hap_alpha [output file] Check for more info:
  10. Never heard of Win 10 LTSC. On a very simple way, the Windows 10 Enterprise tweaking guide is transforming Win 10 Enterprise into Win 10 Enterprise LTSB.
  11. On the same displays? On the same display machine? Are you using the EDID emulator on the video card? I've read something about recent AMD drivers conflicting with windows 7. Try older drivers 2016, 2017. Have you consider the screens being the culprit and not the display machine.
  12. If your remote controller emulates the keyboard you can use my app to Run and Kill a timeline. I coded this some time ago to use a PerfectCue as trigger for WO. Can be used to control Production Pc or the Cluster without Production. Key to WO2.rar
  13. Possibility to run batch files from within WO. Please check the video as I explain it better. video request
  14. Thanks, I've been following that guide ever since, but I wonder if anyone can elaborate more the reason not to use .ts if used only for video.
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