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Updating to Watchout version 5.5.1


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Hello all,


I have a simple question about updating my current version of watchout (5.3) to 5.5.  I downloaded the installer.  If I run the installer, will it only update my current watchout or will it attempt to install another instance of watchout?  This concerns me because I don't want to re-calibrate all of my screens/settings.  Is there an easier way to apply the update? Thanks!



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This is what I recommend, if having installation issues:


Please perform a clean un-install/re-install on the computers:


Clean UN-install & RE-install of WATCHOUT


Start with the Production computer:


1) Disconnect the CodeMeter or WIBU-key dongle.

2) Uninstall WATCHOUT and CodeMeter and/or WIBU-key software.

3) Restart.

4) Remove any eventual remaining WATCHOUT and CodeMeter and/or WIBU-key parts on the computer

(In some, rare, cases, this even requires cleaning the registry, running "regedit" from Run...)

5) Install the new WATCHOUT again, fresh.

6) Restart.

7) Connect the key again and let it install.

8) Do the same process on your Display computer/s

9) Launch your show and go online.


QuickTime should be the latest, 7.7.5 or later.



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