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Timecode & Hog 3 problem

Dataton AB

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The following posts are pasted in from the old forum as it was sent in the middle of the transition to this forum.



mpt_adam: I’ve got a show on the road right now with a time code/lighting issue. Using time code to call up cues on a Hog 3. We’ve done this before with a similar setup, but I haven’t been onsite so I’m not sure what the board used then was. In this instance, we’re using wo 5, and the audio playback is coming out of the production laptop. According to Jim Kellner, this should work. I’ve got them rustling up enough XLR cable to try getting the display pc’s signal sent over to the control room. The board just isn’t hearing the timecode. Lighting guy got it to work once, but thinks it was just a fluke. Output from the laptop and the display pc is Mini RTS, so using a mini RTS to XLR cable. Same as we’ve done in the past.

Looking for insight into other ways that you’ve accomplished this


jfk: Version of WATCHOUT?

There is a malfunction in 5.0 with audio from production that may explain your issue.

It will cause production to cease audio output if the audio file’s speaker icon is not visible on the stage.

Fixed in 5.1.

Since its a laptop, as a troubleshooting step,

have you tried moving it to the connection point and using a short simple connection cable?

Anytime I hear mini RTS to XLR cable I am always concerned about level mis-match too (-10 dB vs + 4 dB, etc.)


Jim Kellner – Cincinnati, OH USA


mpt_adam: Hey Jim, I must have just previewed my reply instead of submitting.

I should have mentioned the 5.0 stage bug but neglected to, that’s been relayed to the onsite crew and they’re aware of that. The level mismatch was a concern, they’ve adjusted laptop volume levels as well as added a volume tween to check with that to no avail. By simple connection cable, what do you mean? They’re running a 6’ cable with mini rts plug on one side and XLR on the other, no adapters.


ThomasL: Let’s get this right first -

Watchout is v5.0

Production PC Laptop outputs audio for the show - correct? No problems with the show’s audio - correct?

Display PC outputs audio timecode to the Hog 3 - correct? If this is so, then the speaker icon must be within the relevant Display boundaries in the Stage Window, eg. Display 1 and not 2 nor 3.

In any case, being mini rts to XLR, it is probably unbalanced. I’d literally listen to the output for hum. Perhaps you need one of these to provide a balanced output - http://www.dsan.com/sc/shop/category.asp?catid=6


mpt_adam: Watchout is 5.0 - correct

The only audio in the show is, the time code :/ Plays over the speakers just fine

Audio file icon is dead center of Display 1 on the stage.

When everything gets back I’ll have to try a balanced converter. I have some Whirlwind PCDI’s that ought to do the trick. Spaced on that, thanks.


mpt_adam: Got the system back in the shop and had the lighting board brought over as well. Inserted the PCDI to convert to a balanced, line level connection. Still not being seen on the board. Digging through the warehouse looking for a generator or reader to make sure we’re sending what we think we are, and that we actually can listen to it.


Mike Fahl: There’s a software LTC timecode reader included with WATCHOUT. That could perhaps help you troubleshoot what’s going on. It’s pretty good at analyzing the incoming timecode, allowing you to see what’s actually received, in case it’s not what the console expectes (in which case it may simply ignore it).


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