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@Mike: It sounds like morgancreative is looking for the equivalent of the left square bracket shortcut '[' in After Effects, which snaps the in-point of any selected layers to the current time indicator. The ']' key aligns the out-points, alt+[ or alt+] trims the layers. I use these shortcuts a lot when building and retiming animations in AE, and I think having the equivalent in Watchout would be useful.


@morgancreative: There is a feature request thread here: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/794-feature-requests-post-here/

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What if they all have different in-points and when dragging them all they will still be in their same staggered order. But to be able to select all of these staggered layers and command them all to line up at he same timecode...? I am talking about 60+ layers.

So essentially a "bulk" command for cues, moving all selected cues along their layers so their start time aligns with the current time position? Presumably same in the tail end of the cue, with the option of either moving or "trimming" so all cues end at the current time position.



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