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WATCHOUT & External I/O Devices


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Hi Michael,


I use a KissBox I/O device in the Dataton WATCHOUT 5 seminar show to turn on the main speaker light (LED) in the beginning of the show after the countdown is done. It also switches off the main speaker light at the end of the seminar when the presentation is over. The KissBox also control the white speaker light (LED) over the green screen, which is switch on only in the part of the show where the live input is demonstrated.


The KissBox I/O is a nice little box with a straightforward protocol. You send a four byte string with TCP to the device ip-number on port 9812.

To turn relay 1 on card 1 ON send: "$A5$00$00$01"

To turn relay 1 on card 1 OFF send: "$A5$00$00$00"

To turn relay 2 on card 1 ON send: "$A5$00$01$01"



I have used others I/O units like Advantech ADAM-6050/6060/6066 etc. and Adlink NuDam-6050/6060/6063 etc. but only when I had an external control system at hand.

The ADAM units use Modbus TCP as a protocol which is complicated to generate from WATCHOUT but not impossible.

The NuDAM units use a simpler protocol and they should be easy to control using WATCHOUT and a TCP-Serial (RS485) converter like Moxa 5130/5100A/P5150A.


Best regards,

Dataton /jme

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