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  1. Hi Rainer, I will make a note on this and make sure that it is added in the autostart.txt for any newer model of the WATCHPAX series or if there is a image update. Best regards, /jme
  2. Hi Jonsth, I know that the setIP command is not documented in the standard WATCHOUT users guide but we added the documentation for this command in the specific documentation for the WATCHPAX series of server. Mainly because this command is only valid for this range of servers. The command setIP only works in the startup scrip if run on a WATCHPAX server and needs to be preceded by a "authenticate 2". It takes one mandatory parameter and three optional: setIP IP_number_to_set [Network_Mask] [Default_Gateway] [Default_DNS_server] example: authenticate 2 setIP
  3. Hi Eddy, The Command ID tagging works in the way that the ID you set before a command you send to WATCHOUT will be added before the reply back from WATCHOUT on that specific command. So if we look at your example: [18]getStatus 1 "TaskList:mItemList:mItems:TimelineTask \"Intro\""<CR> [18] Status "TaskList:mItemList:mItems:TimelineTask \"Intro\"" 2 6427 1858406 Status "TaskList:mItemList:mItems:TimelineTask \"Intro\"" 2 11460 1863418 Status "TaskList:mItemList:mItems:TimelineTask \"Intro\"" 2 16459 1868434 Status "TaskList:mItemList:mItems:TimelineTask \"Intro\"" 2 21
  4. Hi Orf and Rainer, This has been confirmed as a “bug” in WATCHOUT and it will be addressed in a future version of WATCHOUT. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Best regards, Mikael J. Ena Senior Product Specialist Dataton AB
  5. Hi, The link error is fixed (since last week) and I also unlinked the faulty link in the message from Tim. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and if you find any other links that are broken or wrong please let us know so we can fix it asap. Best regards, /jme
  6. To be able to playback .swf file in the dynamic image server you need to have Flash installed on the computer running the Dynamic Image Server. A good test is to start Internet Explorer on the computer you intend to run the DIS on and manually load the .swf file into the browser. If the file work inside the browser they should also work in the DIS. But as Jonas says you will not get any "high frame rate" movies/animation to work this way. I would guess 10-15fps maximum with low-res .swf files if you have a good computer and a very fast network connection to the display computers. Bes
  7. Hi, As far as we tested the AMD FirePro W7100 (used in example the WATCHMAX) do not need active adapter to get four outputs. We still recommend for different reasons to use active adapters and also always use the same brand/model of adapters on the same card. Example if you want to use the hardware sync option by using the AMD FirePro S400 Sync Card you must have identical active adapters if you want to use DVI or HDMI signals. Best regards /jme
  8. Hi, No you are wrong. Sending Art-Net from the display cluster master works perfectly fine. All you need to do is go offline with your production computer and re-load the show by sending a load command to the cluster master and when the show runs the cluster master computer will be the new Art-Net transmitter. A note, some Art-Net receiving devices can be confused when they see a new transmitting device and try to merge the data from the old one (production computer) and the new one (cluster master) but it usually helps to restart the receiving devices to clear this confusion. Hope
  9. I think the ENTTEC EtherGate MK2 is discontinuedIf but if you only need one DMX Out (or In) the Enttec ODE/ODE-POE works fine with WATCHOUT. /jme
  10. Hi Ivan, With WATCHPAX generation 1 (one output) you must have active adapters, which activate the graphical output even if it the screen/projector connected to it is powered off. With WATCHPAX generation 2 (two outputs) the use of active adapters is optional but then the connected display device must be powered on at start-up time. If not the graphical output will not be activated. I assume you are using WATCHPAX generation 2 so the solution for you is probably to connect active adapters on the WATCHPAX outputs to the screens/projectors. Best regards Dataton support /jme
  11. Hi Guy, This sound strange. The problem might be in the 3d-file you export from Cinema 4D but it is hard to know without looking at the file. Could you please send a email concerning this to support@dataton.com and include the 3d-file and if possible an example show that illustrate the problem. Best regards Dataton support /jme
  12. Hi Jean-Luc, We have made some more investigation in to this matter and can confirm that there is a combination of the translation file (for french) and the code inside the WATCHMAKER program that makes the content of the frame-rate field to revert back to the default 60Hz settings. This only happens if you have started WATCHMAKER with the "-Lang fr" flag set. Can you please confirm that you see this problem on your system ONLY if you use the "-Lang fr" switch and not if you run in standard english mode? Best regards Dataton support /jme
  13. Hi Adam, I would suggest using an HDMI-switch controllable by TCP or UDP and send the control strings from WATCHOUT to synchronize the switching to your show. Best regards Dataton support /jme
  14. Hi Mip, First, when you go online in the WATCHOUT production software the production computer automatically starts to transmitting the Art-Net DMX data. If you go offline in the production software and by a script on one of the display computer load a show and run it that computer becomes the cluster master and starts to send Art-net DMX. This is also the case if an external control system tells the display computer to load and run the show. Second, are you talk about Art-Net subnet or TCP/IP subnet? Art-Net subnet: WATCHOUT uses a more modern decimal representation of the univers
  15. Hi Mip, Do you have two devices simultaneously transmitting Art-Net on the same network on the same universe? If you do it is up to the receiver to handle the multiple received Art-Net feeds. If it does not support merging the two feeds into one and displaying the highest value it will flash between the two received feeds as soon as a new update is sent and always displaying the last value sent. What version of WATCHOUT are you using? Best regards Dataton support /jme
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