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Click / pop when audio starts. In-time of audio media elements.

Rogier Tuinte

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Sometimes when audio starts I am greeted with a short click or pop sound.

As long as the music plays its faultless just when you first start to play.

We’re using the external Motu 828 MKII USB connected to the production machine with Windows 7

Sound files are WAV.


Beside this, when i change the in-time of a audio media element to for example 10.8 seconds (in our case, just before a beat in the music) It seems to me that the audio not always starts at exact the same in-time.


When I first play other parts in the main timeline and then jump back to the specific audio part. The first time it starts not at the exact in-time, but when I restart that audio for the second time, it’s OK.


I also noticed this with a voice over in a video file (audio as a separate WAV) Sometimes it´s also not lip sync.


Is this something specific with this sound card, or a windows 7 issue?


Kind regards


Rogier Tuinte

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April 2015 - WO version 5.3.1, the problem still happens...


I use a USB sound box (Presonus), first time I had this problem. I solved the problem by restart the Watchout Player and the Producer.

But I think the problem does come from the way the device does initialize with the sound box device. Something to do with numeric sound...

But I'm not an expert, it should be a good thing if someone with the fine skills had a look on that subject.




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