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WO 6.2.2 -> 6.5 -> 6.6 - changed behaviour & bugs


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We use WO in a fixed installation and managed to have it run with 6.2.2 - after some undocumented changes in the remote telnen behaviour, I was very carefully to take further updates, since in my experience, there is always something different than before. But to have a look, I took an update to 6.5 first, the only thing disturbing our way of use is, that the display machines shows the WO logo if we send load command over telnet. This was different in 6.2.2, is there a way to turn the logo of like it was before?

But this was some minor annoyance, so I updated to 6.6. We used to play some larger HAP files, and everything worked until 6.5. But not in 6.6 anymore, some files where played, some not - whit no error messages at all. This concerns the production software and also the display software. Didn't have the time to make some tests and have done an downgrade to 6.5, but maybe you can tell anything to this?

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