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Buying used watchout keys?


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Hi all,


So I'm potentially buying 2 used watchout keys but I'm wondering if

A-is that wise? Is there a way to verify their authenticity remotely?

B-does the warranty transfer to the second owner?

And C-would I have any problems updating them to 5?


Any help is appreciated!

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Hi Landob, 


Maybe you can contact a local distributor. 

But let me answer you. 

A.- I do not know if it is wise. But I do not think is a trouble at all if they are working, and I suppose they are version 4? If they are version 3. Is not easy to get upgrade. 

The authenticity, can be prove I suppose if you use them in the computer, or if you an read them with the license manager. 

You can send to the distributors the numbers you get, at lest I can tell you if they are reported as stolen in my area. 


B.- There is really no warranty in this case. If you do not have the original purchase, and is just in the case they are damaged internally. Which is very , very seldom in version 4.  


C. problems to update to version 5. Well, they have to be exchange, so I suppose you have to go through a distributor, so if is my area, I normally test the licenses. So I know they are valid, not stolen, if all this is ok. You just have to pay for the upgrade and they will be exchange to the new type of license. 


Hope this helps. 





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