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using movies with different frame rates in one show


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a question regarding mixing up movies with different frame rates for one show: we want to set up a show for 5 video-channels, all HD 1920x1080, but with different fps (24, 25 and 29,97). are there known issues about mixing up different frame rates?

... also the movies do have different codecs (ProRes, MPEG2 and H.264).

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Running video at a framerate that's an even multiple of the WATCHOUT rendering rate always gives the best reuslt. I.e., if you have WATCHOUT set to render at 60 Hz, video running at 60, 30 or 29.97 will look smoother than video at 24/25 fps. But any framerate should still play. To what extent you'll notice any difference in smoothness is mainly due to the content itself, where smooth motion (slow pans and such) will show it off most clearly.


If possible, I would try to avoid ProRes, since it forces the QuickTime path through WATCHOUT, which may negatively impact the smoothness of WATCHOUT in general. It's also a rather heavy codec. If possible, re-encode to MPEG or H.264. However, having said that, I know a lot of people like ProRes for various reasons. And if you can structure your show in such a way that the performance issues associated with it don't affect you, then by all means, go ahead and use it.



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