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Curtis Hutchins

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What might be the cause of a WATCHOUT key disappearing during a show.  

This happen a long time ago and I had them replaced.


This appears to be happening on two separate computers but not all the time so its hard to understand.

Nothing has really changed in the system to mention. these are tried and true.


I also have issues with the key not being recognized in a particular port.  

Sometimes requiring a restart. This problem is not new.



Thanks for your help.



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I have seen issues with the key not working properly in a USB 3 port.  If you can, make sure to use a USB 2 port.  Other than that, I have no ideas.

Thanks Steve for the tip, although I don't see that this is helping much.


As I mentioned, I occasionally do see that a key does not get recognized at start up.  Although an annoyance it is usually fixed with a reboot or placement in another port.


What concerned me was when the key dropped off from the system when it was already previously recognized. I haven't been able to repeat this issue with any kind of frequency so its been hard to diagnose. I never had any issues whats so ever with the original v3 keys, they were always rock solid.

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