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WAV Files not Playing


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I'm trying to replace my scratch track with the final mix, a WAV file. I cannot get the WAV file to play on the production computer. I don't yet have access to the display computer.


The current scratch track continutes to play fine. The new mix WAV file plays fine everywhere else, but not in this project. It even plays fine in a new, empty Watchout project. I've placed the clip, and the audio icon everywhere I can think of on the stage and in track priority, including placing it on a section of timeline with nothing else. I've checked it's volume setting.


I even tried cutting and pasting the clip from the project where it plays fine into my current project. Nothing. Silence.


Watchout shows the waveform, but no sounds.


Any ideas?




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After a lot of moving tracks around and enabling and disabling, the WAV finally played. No obvious fix but it's running now.


I can't export it though. Exporting results in the error "Some audio files could not be exported." The WAV is the only audio file.




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