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7-output Watchout system with 7 Folsom Image Pros?

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I have received a request for the above, but can't figure out why 7 Image Pro units are needed for a Watchout system. Have requested for clarification but the overseas client has not yet replied. Perhaps those with experience at using an Image Pro may be able to guess at a reason for wanting an Image Pros for each Watchout output? Thanks!


Thomas Leong

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Thanks for the insight, Kaarlek. Any chance that usage was for a reknowned American composer's live performance? There is not that many Image Pros available in my part of the world (only 2 units if we are lucky), so chances are I'll have to ask client to bring their own.

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Like mentioned above we use them between the Watchout system and the projectors.

We also use a separate Watchout system connected to the iFolsom 7 viaTCP/IP network.

There are protocols that you can program into Watchout to turn on and off the freeze-frame on the Folsom 7image pros( or  any of the other buttons on the Folosom).

So we could fire off all the Folsom's at one time; with one click.

We use the freeze-frame in case one of the Watchout units went down.(We had 30 Displays, so we had 30 Folosom image pros). It worked great.

You just need the codes from the manufacturer for Folsom 7, to program into Watchout.




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The big issue with FIPs is that there will be tearing in the blend area as subtle timming differences will appear. Your solution is to use Watchout stations that can be frame locked with a mixer that can be framelocked (spyder x20 for example) and then you are good to go.


That being said if your show is all discrete screens you'll be ok, the issue truly is the blend areas.

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