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  1. Kietht, Very nice app. I would buy it if you could add one more option...one that that Photoshop use to have, they took it out after Photoshop ver5.5. Example: Create template in Photoshop for Awards (name, title, photo, etc.) Then be able to populate the template using a excel speed sheet.(like a web page). You could do hundreds of "award winners" in no time. I do a lot of Award shows ...hanging on to Photoshop ver5.5 for that reason. Look forward to using your app. Richard
  2. I have 8 folders of png sequences, some folders play fine (3) and some do not (5 folders). The pngs are 2280 x 915 with alpha. The sequences are numbered from 1 to 1500. (So they're not real long). When the Sequence is placed on Watchout timeline (the media cue shows an icon of the first frame) but when played back the stage window and the display computers are blank/black. Here's what I've checked: 1. There is no Break in the numbering sequence in the folders. 2. The size of each individual png is not the issue (the png sequence that plays best has the largest
  3. On question one: The spider will only put out standard resolutions so you have to use a 1080. On Question two: If you can do the blending with the projectors that would be best. . In the Spyder set up a Widescreen 3 display with 384 pixels overlap. Then look for System patch/Output display/look for Blending options (new window). Turn off bend "enabled". In Watchout set the display configuration to 1920 x 1080. Overlap the Displays 384 pixels and also turn off the bending in Watchout. The custom content 1920x 869 will play within the space. By the way you can Butt edge pi
  4. Thomas, Like mentioned above we use them between the Watchout system and the projectors. We also use a separate Watchout system connected to the iFolsom 7 viaTCP/IP network. There are protocols that you can program into Watchout to turn on and off the freeze-frame on the Folsom 7image pros( or any of the other buttons on the Folosom). So we could fire off all the Folsom's at one time; with one click. We use the freeze-frame in case one of the Watchout units went down.(We had 30 Displays, so we had 30 Folosom image pros). It worked great. You just need the codes from the manufacturer for
  5. Thank you Walter, The AutoHotkey script tip. I have written my own short-cut to to Watchout. I love that you can make an executable file, to run off my thumb drive. That way it works on any Control computer without having to install the whole program. I will be using this a lot. Thanks Again, Richard Kamper
  6. Thanks guys , that is a big help. Richard
  7. I have this error popping up “From Display I of Stage Tier “Base”of Stage, 2014-03-23 17::21:11 Runtime error , Unrecognized command: nop” So what is the nop error? The timeline is playing just fine, but the error pops up about very 30 seconds. These are not my machines….so here want I remember … WO version 5.5 They are running Win 7 SSD drive and Disk drive with OPS They have some kind of video capture card with BNC connectors. thanks Richard
  8. I still cut the movies in aftereffects for each screen (they play better than one large movie). The project that I am working on is 28 screens, each movie is 1.2gigs. So having to make proxies takes a lot of time. And then are updates to the movies...so not having to remove file extensions and renamed the file, then replacing them in the correct proxy folders ( 9 different folders). Even with "FILE Re-naming tool" this takes time. So Tiers work faster , just hit refresh and the movies are downloading the the 28 displays. Oh by the way,I do not have worry about the blend because the
  9. Could you use Tiers like Proxies or instead of a Proxy? Let say you have to 2 - Display Computers with 3 outputs each and all the output make up one large blended screen. So if you made a Tier A for Display Computer #1 (output 1,2,3) and a Tier B for Display Computer #2 (outputs 3,4,5) Would that not act the same way as a Proxy...Tier A will only play the three movies on those on that Tier. The overlapping movie from Display Computer#2 (output 4) should not be playing on Display computer #1 ...Right? and the same would be true for Display Computer #2 not playing output 3.
  10. Finally had time to sit down and research the problem and now it's gone away. Did not change anything but it does not seem to be there any more. By the way only one CAT 5 output on the Computer and the TCP/IP v6 is turnned off. Will let you know if I ever see it happen again.
  11. I just loaded ver 5.3.1 on my display units and two of them are showing the wrong IP address on the Display logo screen. I entered and it show on the WO Dispaly as 104. On the stage window display it is 103 and I get green light for connection and the systems seem to play fine when online. What up.... any ideas?
  12. Rogier, I have Sapphire Radeon 6970 video cards (Eyefinity - 2 DVI ports & 2 Mini-Diplay Ports) I play 1920x 1080 out of all 4 ports just fine ...no tearing. Could be a bad video card ...I was having issues with mine and manufacuture Sapphire replace the cards at no change. They work great now. Richard Kamper HD WideScreen.net
  13. I had OCZ SSD on my new computers (Nov 2011) one drive went out within four months. Firmware fix or not they have not gain my confidence. Moving to SSD by Intel ...they have the best ratings in most reviews; they may not be the fastest but they are the most reliable.
  14. Are you running Windows 7 64 bit or 32 bit?
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